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Core Travel Technologies' Compleat gives you the power to automate manual tasks and radically improve the way work gets done. Productivity gains allow agents to service the traveler instead of managing PNRs, and allow your agency to manage contracts and supplier programs with detailed reporting.

Auto ticketing takes on complex tasks plus quality control testing, invoicing and error handling.

Quality Check/Itinerary Remarks and File Finishing use a library of global routines that can be run against any PNR.

PNR checks and ticketing routines sweep every PNR to verify all segments are ticketed. Un-ticketed PNR’s will result in an email reminder to the agency and cancellation of the PNR at a specific time if desired.

Trip Approval utilizes built-in policy rules and creates complex customer rules to offer customer designed trip approval processes.


Schedule Change Processing monitors queues, auto-updates PNR’s and exchanges ticketing instructions, sends notifications as auto-updates happen and if action is needed.


Hotel Availability auto searches capacity in hotels that are currently sold out.

Group Tracking automatically populates arrival & departure reports for group/meeting travel.

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